1. Sheriff

    Contact the Hanover County Sheriff.

  2. Sheriff's Office Staff

    Get in touch with staff for the Hanover County Sheriff's office.

  3. Hanover County Sheriff's Office

    The Sheriff’s Office has been guarding the safety of our community since 1720, making us one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the nation.

  4. Hanover County Emergency Communications

    Emergency Communications serves as the main 911 answering point and emergency dispatch center for the county and for the Town of Ashland.

  5. Hanover County Commonwealth's Attorney

    The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is responsible for prosecuting criminal offenses that occur in Hanover County.

  6. Hanover County Victim Witness

    This program provides direct services to victims of crime in Hanover County, including explanation of the criminal justice process, court escorts, and referrals to other local agencies for counseling and/or financial assistance.

  7. Hanover County Animal Control

    Hanover County Animal Control provides for the safety and welfare of the residents. Animal Control enforces state laws and county ordinances as they apply to domestic animals.

  8. Hanover County Government

    This link will take you to the Hanover County Government Homepage.

  9. Pamunkey Regional Jail

    The Pamunkey Regional Jail is a state-of-the-art facility, where all inmates are treated in a humane and constitutional manner until released.