Apply For

  1. Citizens Academy

    In 1995, the Hanover County Sheriff's Office began offering to its citizens, business owners and county employees the opportunity to attend a 10-week course geared at educating participants on the many facets of a law enforcement agency.

  2. Concealed Weapons Permit

    Apply for a Concealed Weapons Permit through the Hanover County Circuit Court.

  3. Employment Opportunities

    Locate your perfect job by searching through available employment opportunities.

  4. Precious Metals and Gems Dealer's License

    The Code of Virginia requires that a dealer purchasing precious metals or gems from the public must obtain a permit.

  5. Solicitor's Permit

    Solicitors in Hanover County must have a permit to go door to door or location to location to sell any goods or services or accept subscriptions or orders.

  6. Youth Police Academy

    Each June, the Sheriff's Office offers 9th through 12th graders the opportunity to attend a 5 day academy to learn about law enforcement.

  7. Ride Along