Special Units

  1. Bike Team

    Bicycle operations provide a versatile means of patrolling certain communities in Hanover County, and assist in furthering the community policing and crime prevention efforts of this office.

  2. Mobile Command Center (MCC)

    The Mobile Command Center (MCC) is utilized for response to major incidents, and to support special events.

  3. Crisis Negotiation Team

    The Hanover County Sheriff's Office responds daily to emergency situations and most are quickly resolved. However, in the event a critical incident requires the need for focused communications and negotiation, the Sheriff's Office selects and trains several sworn personnel to respond effectively to any hostage or barricade scenario.

  4. High Risk Entry Team

    This team consists of 16 sworn members and a team commander from all areas of the Sheriff's Office who meet specialized and stringent criteria.

  5. K-9 Unit

    This unit is assigned to Patrol Operations, and each member has extensive training in multiple patrol techniques to include tracking, apprehension, and building searches.

  6. Search & Rescue Team

    The Sheriff's Office has 8 members who have been trained by the Virginia Department of Emergency Services to conduct searches for the elderly, young children, or mentally ill persons who are missing.

  7. Traffic Safety Unit

    The Traffic Safety Unit specializes in crash investigation and reconstruction, to include speed analysis, crash data retrieval, and computer-assisted measuring and diagramming of crash scenes.

  8. Underwater Forensic Team

    Hanover’s six member Underwater Forensic Team was established in the spring of 1999. Their mission is to locate, recover, and preserve evidence from an underwater environment during the course of a criminal investigation.