Traffic Safety Information

  1. AM 1700 - Traffic Alert

    AM 1700 is a continuously operating AM radio station specifically designed for Hanover County citizens, and has the ability to broadcast important information to the motoring public over a 500 square-mile area.

  2. Avoiding Collisions With Deer

    Get tips from the Traffic Safety Unit to avoid hitting deer on the road.

  3. Child Safety Seat Information

    The Hanover County Sheriff's Office has 4 officers certified to inspect and install child safety seats. These officers frequently assist citizens with the installation and inspection of child safety seats. The Hanover County Sheriff's Office firmly believes that such education and assistance is the key to saving lives.

  4. Dealing With Glare

    Review some helpful guidelines to properly deal with glare.

  5. Law Enforcement Challenge

    Every year the Sheriff's Office competes in the Virginia and National Law Enforcement Challenge. The Sheriff's Office has placed among top agencies around the state by increasing public awareness and law enforcement efforts in the area of occupant protection, speeding and impaired driving.

  6. Refrain From Aggressive Driving

    Aggressive driving will cost you. Running red lights and stop signs, unsafe lane changes, tailgating, and speeding will get you pulled over - resulting in big penalties and demerit points.

  7. Tips on Night Driving

    Learn how to drive safely during the night hours.

  8. Traffic Safety Links

    Browse a list of helpful traffic safety resources.