Responsibilities of Various Parties

Responsibilities of the Coordinator
  • Attends the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator's meetings at the Sheriff's Office
  • Directs the activities of the block captains
  • Disseminates information from the Sheriff's Office to the block captains
  • Maintains a master list of all watch members
  • Presides over Neighborhood Watch meetings
  • Provides reports to the civic association if one exists
  • Serves as liaison between the Sheriff's Office and the block captains
  • Works with block captains to develop specific crime prevention projects for the neighborhood
Responsibilities of the Neighborhood Watch Block Captains
  • Assists in maintaining block map information
  • Assists the coordinator in planning and conducting meetings
  • Designates work assignments as needed
  • Maintains accurate and current listing of watch members
  • Notifies residents of meetings and training sessions
  • Recruits new watch members
  • Serves as a liaison between the coordinator and the residents
Responsibilities of the Citizen
  • Actively participants in the Neighborhood Watch program activities
  • Cooperates and supports their law enforcement personnel
  • Cooperates with their block captain
  • Educates other family members, particularly children, about crime prevention
  • Reports criminal activities promptly
  • Reports suspicious behavior and/or activities
  • Secures personal property
  • Sets a favorable example as a good citizen
The Role of the Sheriff's Office
  • Informs the coordinator of updated prevention methods and programs
  • Maintains contact with the Neighborhood Watch coordinator
  • Meets with neighbors on occasions
  • Notifies the coordinator of crime patterns occurring within the neighborhood
  • Provides crime awareness training to residents
  • Serves as a resource for speakers