Tips on Getting People Involved

  • Post posters reminding people about the meeting, up to 3 days prior.
  • Utilize block captains as much as possible. As coordinator you must check the progress of each block captain.
  • One-man shows ultimately move on, leaving no one behind to take over, don't be afraid to encourage people.
  • Be aggressive! You are selling a product - the security of one's neighborhood, home, family, and self, which is the basic need for everyone, but some people need to be pushed.
  • Hold your group accountable for their attendance, don't take "No" for an answer. Ask what nights they could attend a future meeting.
  • Don't let people take the attitude that they can sit back and let their neighborhood do it. Their participation is necessary for the Neighborhood Watch program to be a success.
  • Seek out and use the resource of your group. For example: who can copy handouts at work, or does anyone have a home computer who can manage a data base or make a newsletter.
  • Expect to suffer some setbacks, but continue to push and show your concern and enthusiasm. It will be contagious.