Search & Rescue Team

The Hanover County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Team is a specialized unit trained and outfitted to handle search and rescue situations in a safe, organized and methodical method.  This unit consists of one officer-in-charge and fifteen team members.  These members respond wherever they are needed to search for persons who are lost, missing, stranded or injured.  They are trained and equipped to search day or night, in any kind of weather and any kind of terrain. 

Each member of the HCSO Search and Rescue Team has been through a Search and Rescue for First Responders class.  This is a three day course that teaches officers the proper way to evaluate a situation and take the appropriate initial actions.  The Search and Rescue Team is a vital function of the HCSO and to the citizens of Hanover County.  The time and resources needed for this team to function is vital to the protection and safety of our citizens.  If someone gets lost or is missing, the Search and Rescue Team has the skills and abilities to conduct a systematic ground search, lead volunteers in search tasks and the extrication of an individual once they have been located.
    These searches are conducted with area:
    • Citizen Volunteers
    • Fire Departments
    • Organized Dog Search Teams
    • Rescue Squads
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