Avoiding Collisions With Deer

Follow these tips to avoid hitting deer on the road:
  • Slow down, anticipate deer when driving through wooded and densely vegetated areas. Watch for deer crossing at locations where you have seen them before.
  • If 1 deer runs across the road, slow down and look for others (deer seldom run alone).
  • Be especially cautious at dusk through the early evening hours and in the hours prior to sunrise when deer are most active.
  • Drivers encountering deer on the roadways should flash their headlights at the deer and blow the horn to scare them away.
  • If you hit a deer, don't touch it. If it's alive, it may be dangerous. Call the Sheriff's Office (804-365-6140).
  • During rutting season (October through December), bucks move almost constantly in search of does. Deer are unpredictable.
  • Keep your eyes moving, don't focus on the middle of the road.
  • A deer is visible less than 200 feet from your vehicle. It takes a car about 317 feet to stop at 55 MPH under optimum conditions.
  • Buckle your safety belts. Most people seriously injured in deer crashes are not buckled-up.
Deer Crossing Sign