Upon receipt of a request or referral, The Hanover Sheriff's Office or the Ashland Police Department TRIAD Representative/Crime Prevention Officer will make contact as soon as possible with the referred Senior in order to describe the program and confirm referral information. An appointment for a home visit will then be arranged or the Senior's decline of service will be noted and referral sources will be notified.

Initial Home Visit
The initial home visit shall include the Hanover Sheriff or Ashland Police TRIAD Representative/Crime Prevention Officer and a case manager from either the Area Agency on Aging or the Department of Social Services. Other parties to be included during this visit are at the discretion of the Senior and the service agencies involved. If the service is deemed appropriate an Adopt-A-Senior officer will be assigned and will be provided with the necessary background information and an introduction will be conducted.

Officer Responsibilities
The assigned officer will make arrangements for future visits - hopefully once per week. It is expected that the officer will at least call his/her Senior(s) at least once each week.

During each visit or phone call, the officer should be observant of any needs or intervention required by the Senior or his/her household. In the event that an officer feels a referral is in order, the officer should complete a TRIAD Service Referral Card to indicate such concerns related to the welfare of the Senior or household. These concerns should be immediately forwarded to the contact designated on the Senior's original application or to the Department of Social Services if the concern involves the suspicion of abuse or neglect, including that of self neglect.

In order to effectively monitor and assess such needs, officers participating in the Adopt-A-Senior Program should be aware of the special needs of older adults as well as the specific issues related to each of their assigned Seniors. If warranted, a consent to release information may be needed for appropriate disclosure from external agencies. The TRIAD Council will assist in providing these officers with the necessary information and resources to fulfill such expectations.