Hanover Facts

The Hanover County Sheriff's Office is the principal provider of law enforcement services for Hanover County. The County has a total area of 472 square miles with an estimated population of 100,000. Over the past year, the County's population has grown at the rate of approximately 2.5%.

Department Structure

The Law Enforcement section of the Hanover County Sheriff's Office is the largest unit, employing 242 sworn law enforcement officers and civilians. This section consists of Administrative Support Operations, Investigative Operations and Patrol Operations which is each managed by a Major.

Roadways & Development

In the County, there are approximately 241 miles of primary highways, 710 miles of secondary roadways, and over 65 miles of non-hard surface roads to be patrolled on a regular basis. Interstates 95 and 295 are heavily traveled thoroughfares which cross through the County. As commercial development and residential growth occur in the County, the volume of traffic along these interstates and other major transportation arteries will increase.

As Hanover makes the transition from a rural to a suburban county the demands and responsibilities placed on law enforcement will continue to increase.

Nearest Metropolitan Cities:
  • Fredericksburg: 27 miles
  • Petersburg / Hopewell: 27 miles
  • Richmond: 5 miles
  • Washington, D.C.: 67 miles
  • Williamsburg: 32 miles