Worship Watch

The purpose of the Worship Watch program is to encourage the free exchange of information regarding crime trends, crime prevention techniques and emergency preparedness between the Sheriff's Office and the Faith Community.

We also aim to reduce crime and the fear of crime in houses of worship and areas frequented by the faith community as well as provide for emergency preparedness partnership initiatives. We provide education and partnership opportunities to our faith community in an effort to recognize crime risks, train them to accurately report crimes, and be better prepared in the event of an emergency.
Crime Facts

Worship Watch Graphic
Reducing Opportunity for Crime
Three basic elements are needed for a crime to occur:
  • Ability to commit the crime
  • Criminal desire
  • Opportunity to commit the crime
If we reduce opportunities for crime and make crime more difficult to commit, we can significantly reduce the risk and severity of crime at our faith community facilities and areas frequented.
Emergency Preparedness

Community Support
Historically, the faith community has played an active role in various means of community support and response during crisis situations. This level of involvement is a nationwide trend and 1 with which the Hanover community is very familiar. Worship Watch provides opportunities for preparedness and response education, networking and cataloging resources and understanding your role in support of community responses in crisis situations.
Community Connection

Program Details

Neighborhood Watch and our Business Watch programs, similar in nature, operate within defined geographic areas, a neighborhood or site location. Worship Watch combines site facility benefits and expands partnership opportunities with our community by transcending borders generally defined by a neighborhood or business location to all areas commonly frequented by members of the faith community. Read our flyer (PDF) for more information.

Membership Benefits
You can expect:
  • Designated Sheriff’s Office personnel ready to serve you.
  • Electronic communications keeping you up to date on community crime trends.
  • Regular meetings designed to further our partnership with you.
  • Ability to participate in an emergency response resource catalog with the purpose of networking resources in a community time of need.
  • Materials and resources to educate your faith community on areas of public safety and security.
  • Information on our facility security assessment program.
  • An opportunity to further your response in support of those you serve.
  • Worship Watch stickers to be posted in a conspicuous place signifying your participation in the program and sending a visible message to would-be criminals.
Worship Watch is modeled after our highly successful Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch programs. Worship watches are organized by geographical areas defined by the faith community. Watch activities are facilitated by a worship watch coordinator who acts as a liaison between the Sheriff's Office and the faith community.

The Sheriff's Office crime prevention unit offers programs on personal safety as well as programs for home and business security. Call us at 804-365-6110 to find out more or to schedule a program for your group.