Our Organization

Our Mission

The Sheriff’s Office has been guarding the safety of our community since 1720, making us one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the nation. The duties of our office have changed dramatically since the 1700s, but our mission has remained the same:

Continuing the partnership with our community, the members of the Sheriff’s Office promise to provide all citizens with the highest degree of protection for their lives and property and to develop community responsibility directed at reducing crime and enhancing safety through problem-solving tactics, thereby creating an environment where crime cannot flourish.

Values That Guide Our Actions

To the proactive prevention of crime in our county by achieving a close working association with all citizens and businesses in eliminating the opportunities for crime and serving as the catalyst for solving problems, thereby reducing fear within the community.

In our response to the needs of the citizens and community, professionalism is achieved through training, education, commitment, and acting within the rule of law.

In our response to victims and others in need. We care about the needs of our community and strive to understand and appreciate the point of view of each citizen and merchant by treating everyone with fairness, respect and sincerity.

As it is displayed in the integrity of our employees, the trust we place in each other, and the respect we earn from and give to our citizens.

As we hold ourselves to the highest standards of conduct in performing  our service to the community, embracing the ideals of our Constitution and a democratic society.