What is the starting salary?

Patrol Deputies earn $57,058 (effective July 1, 2023) annually, as well as a generous benefits package

Court Bailiffs earn $54,205 (effective July 1, 2023) annually, as well as a generous benefits package.

What is the pay scale for Public Safety positions?

Hanover County Public Safety Pay Plan

Public Safety Pay Plan 1-10 2024

The values represented on the Hanover County Public Safety Pay Plan are subject to change every fiscal year, which starts in July. Each spring, the Hanover County Board of Supervisors adopts a budget that can include a merit increase for employees. Whenever a new merit increase takes effect, typically on July 1st, Hanover’s Public Safety Pay Plan increases by the same percentage. The Public Safety Pay Plan accurately shows current salaries, but to learn more about how our salaries grow over time due to merit increases, please reach out to one of our recruiters at 804-365-HCSO.

Can I make overtime?

Both Patrol Deputy and Court Bailiff are non-exempt positions and are therefore eligible for overtime.  The Sheriff’s Office utilizes XtraDuty to coordinate hundreds of overtime opportunities. Deputies are qualified to work off-duty after field training.   

After the hiring process, if selected, when will I start the academy?

The Sheriff’s Office runs two academies a year; one in January and the second in June.  

Will I get paid while in the academy?

Yes, you will begin receiving your full salary starting from your hire date.

Will I have to live on campus or away from home during the academy?

No, none of our academies are residential.

How long is the academy?

Our Basic Law Enforcement Academy runs approximately 24 weeks, followed by 15 weeks of field training.  Patrol Deputies and Court Bailiffs attend the same academy, achieving triple certifications upon completing their field training. 

Are there any qualifications I must meet? What would disqualify me from getting a job?

See the list of Qualifications and Disqualifications

I am in the military but will be getting out soon. When should I apply?

We value our employees and applicants who are veterans, and we will work with you as best we can. The hiring process only takes a few months to complete; therefore, starting at least six months before you get out would be a good idea. Please call one of our recruiters at 804-365-HCSO (4276) if you need further assistance.

I’m a Correctional Officer/Jailer. Do I qualify as a lateral?

To qualify as a pre-certified lateral, an applicant must be certified as a Law Enforcement Officer through the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).  A Correctional Officer and Jailer is certified as DOC Corrections Officer or Jail Officer/Inmate Security.  You would need to attend our academy to become Law Enforcement certified. All Correctional officers and Jailers are encouraged to apply as a Patrol Deputy or Court Bailiff as we value the experience your current profession brings to the Law Enforcement profession!  

What is the Career Development Program?

At the Hanover County Sheriff's Office, our personnel are our most valuable resource. As a result, the Sheriff's Office seeks to provide our personnel with incentives throughout their careers for professional and personal development. To achieve such a goal, the Sheriff's Office has established a rigorous Career Development Program allowing qualified employees to earn a higher pay rate. The Career Development Program is voluntary and requires the employee to meet specific criteria for each level. 

    There are four (4) steps of Career Development; First Class, Senior, Master, and Career.  A deputy is eligible for their first step of career development after 24 months of consecutive service with HCSO.  The deputy's performance, firearms score, safe driving habits, and education are evaluated.  A Deputy First Class is eligible to advance to the step of Deputy Senior two years after obtaining First Class, and so on.  With the achievement of each Career Development step, deputies receive a 5% raise in their salary, equating to 20% over eight (8) years.  

How long before I can join a specialized unit/special team?

Per policy, a deputy must be employed for two years before advancing to a Specialized Team/Unit; however, applications before the two-year mark are encouraged to express interest and motivation to advance their careers.  Exceptional performance and work ethic are also rewarded in some instances.

What is the Occupational Simulation Course (OSC)?

As a requirement for the position of Patrol Deputy, all candidates must complete a physical agility test. The agility test is designed to evaluate the candidate's ability to perform specific job-related duties, which are assessed in an obstacle course. All obstacles must be completed in sequence to complete the test successfully.  Applicants must complete the course in 1 minute and 30 seconds to advance to the next phase of the hiring process.  Applicants who fail an obstacle or exceed the required time will be provided with 15 minutes of rest and one additional opportunity to rerun the course. 

View a video of the Occupational Simulation Course (OSC) below.